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Some of our Services

Looking for something outside the scope of what's listed below? Speak with our staff to discuss if we can help with your project!

Suspension Upgrades

From bushings and bearings to steering and springs, we're hear to help your vehicle ride smoother, drive straighter and articulate better on and off-road.

Pre-Trip Inspections

Planning to put some miles on your vehicle away from home? Let our staff do a head to toe inspection of your vehicle before you hit the mountains or trails.

Overland Accessories

Just because you're sleeping out of your vehicle doesn't mean it shouldn't be comfortable! We're here to educate, sell and service all the accessories to make your extended trips more enjoyable.

12volt Installations/Wiring

Whether its a dual battery setup with solar options or onboard air compressors and lights, our staff is equipped to install your 12volt accessories in harmony with each other. 

Performance Upgrades

Looking to gain more performance from your vehicle after adding more weight and/or larger tires. Speak to our team about what options exist for your build.

Rust Prevention Coatings

Out of sight doesn't have to be out of mind! A yearly application of rust prevention coatings like Woolwax offer you protection for your investment as well as a better functioning suspension and chassis.

Interested in our services? Give Us a Call Now!
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