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About Us

The off-road and overlanding industry is an exciting but sometimes confusing place for consumers and retailers alike. With more choices coming to market every day, the ability to know what features make sense for your vehicle (and their purpose in your adventures) takes more and more time to research and understand. Our goal at Commonwealth 4x4 is to be an honest and educated partner in the build process of your vehicle(s).

Our staff consists of experienced and avid off-roaders who bring years of experience on a variety of vehicle platforms. We believe in relationships built on trust and understand our involvement in your purchase decisions are a privilege. The recommendations and work that we do at Commonwealth 4x4 exist to give you confidence on the trails and the ability to adventure further. 


From suspension upgrades to roof top tents, we've used and installed them all. Let our team give you accurate answers to all of your questions whether it be by email, phone, text or with an in-person consultation in our shop. If you have an existing relationship with another outfitter we encourage you to continue using their services, but if you're looking for a team to make your vision a reality then we'd love the chance to earn your business. Let's build adventure, together.

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